Artist: Alvaro Arce

Alvaro Luis Arce is a self-taught Venezuelan/ Canadian emerging artist based in Alberta, Canada. He has always been very artistic and creative. To relax, he loves writing songs, playing guitar, writing, and painting. Through his contemporary and in some way eclectic art he has explored the creations of abstracts, portraits and landscapes which includes the relationship between colors, environment, and people. He uses a variety of mediums and materials in the creation of his paintings which include acrylics, oils, paste, varnish, glue, canvas, wood, and craft materials. He is always exploring ways to use and experiment with them. He loves the process of creating art. Alvaro art is a free expression, no-rules, paint what you feel like style, no staying fix on one thing, color, and form. but doing it all.


In Venezuela, he grew up around a lot of art because his parents love art and at his parents’ home art can be seen everywhere. Alvaro’s colorful abstracts and abstract impressionisms has influences from artists such as Mondrian and Miro. but with his own touch and feeling in them. His figurative art has been inspired by children art and prehistoric artwork. The used of different tools to paint adds old and contemporary traces in his artwork. Sometimes there are strong brushwork together with soft brush techniques. He likes to experiment with surrealism and loves the challenges it brings. Especially, when he works on the human figure that usually are created in a distorted and unrealistic way.


When Alvaro is creating and painting at his studio at home, where he spends hours working on his art, he is always listening to music. He listens to every style of music; however, Rock is his favorite. Music is in some way incorporated in his artwork, sometimes his brushes strokes, color choice follows the rhythm, mood and feelings of a particular song, dance, or music style.

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The Long Pause. Alvaro Luis Arce.jpg

The Long Pause, Medium: Mixed Media on wood. Size: 31.5" x 42" 

The Long Pause refers on the apparent pause that the world and the human race find themselves in right now. Is it a pause from our everyday hectic and crazy life? Is it a necessary and needed pause? Things look strange and beyond real. Feelings that in some way have infiltrated my art practice as I find myself adding dream like effects on my artwork, making things that seem to be real, but in reality they don't belong to our modern world.